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On March 24th, veteran women's flyweight, DeAnna Bennett returns to her old stomping grounds of Salt Lake City, Utah for Invicta FC 28. There she'll face divisional prospect Karina Rodriguez of Guadalajara, Mexico's Team Lobo MMA.

During our conversation, DeAnna shares with us:
 • Her take on the controversy between Sijara Eubanks & Lauren Murphy, prior to her quarterfinal fight on TUF 26
• How one of her early fights, against a future TUF winner, inadvertently earned her her first nickname 
• The odd, yet pivotal, moment in her career where she decided that fighting is what she was truly meant to do
• Her proclivity for breaking up the monotony of the TUF house by providing impromptu 'lap dances'

...and MORE!

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MMA writer, analyst, podcaster & semi-pro fighting scout, Schwan Humes returns to break down the main & co-main events from UFC 221.

Schwan & Ken also discuss the 'meritocracy versus fiscal reality' debate of both the upcoming Cyborg Justino title defense & CM Punk's 2nd UFC appearance.

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Veteran sports broadcaster Brendan Fitzgerald is one of the latest additions to the expanding UFC commentary team. Debuting in the summer of 2017 on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, Brendan has since called live play-by-play for UFC events in Fresno, CA, St. Louis, MO, & Belem, Brazil.
During our conversation, Brendan shares with us:
• How the return of an MMA legend provided him with one of his first big on-air tests & personal UFC highlight reel moments.
• How being a part of the high profile layoffs at ESPN turned out to be just what his career needed.
• What attributes make UFC lightweight Paul ‘The Irish Dragon’ Felder such a natural as an on-air color analyst.
• His understanding of how MMA fans are always leery of outsiders & why that’s part of what makes the sport great.

…AND more.

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MMA writer, analyst, podcaster & semi-pro fighting scout, Schwan Humes returns to break down the main events from UFC 219 & Bellator 192.

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Bellator MMA featherweight Shane Kruchten aspired to a career in the US Marines Corp, as early as the age of 5. A Purple Heart recipient some 13 years later, Shane would ultimately face enough personal horror throughout his adulthood (both on & off the battlefield) for someone of ten lifetimes.

During our conversation, Shane shares with us:
• how he was initially shunned by the Marines after reaching out to them during the onset of his PTSD
• how a botched suicide attempt was the catalyst for him to finding his true purpose 
• how the discipline of jiujitsu has served to help keep the demons of his PTSD at bay
• why he feels he's exactly the right fighter to hand the highly touted Aaron Pico his 2nd professional loss

​...and MORE!

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A martial artist from the age of nine, Amsterdam’s Denise Kielholtz has successfully navigated a nearly 2-decade journey through the elite levels of judo, muay thai, kickboxing…and now MMA. Currently the Bellator Kickboxing Flyweight World Champion, Miss Dynamite is coming off the first of what she’s determined will be many impressive victories inside of the cage.

During our conversation, Denise shares with us:
• The reason why her recent MMA victory proved to be the most emotionally gratifying of her entire fighting career
• Why she feels judo provides children the with the best foundation to start out with in martial arts
• How she feels the need to battle against being labeled as just kickboxer with no ground skills attempting to transition to MMA
• Her entrepreneurial plans for once her professional combat days are complete

...and MORE!

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MMA writer, analyst, podcaster & semi-pro fighting scout, Schwan Humes returns to break down the results from UFC 219.

Topics discussed include:
• The difference between what UFC sells about Holly Holm's striking versus what happens in the cage
• What challenge Megan Anderson potentially poses for Cyborg
• Does Conor McGregor even really fit into the immediate plans for the top of the lightweight division right now
• Why it's so important to beat the linear champion & how winning an interim title is somewhat of a curse
• How Carla Esparza's win against hyped prospect Cynthia Cavillo may have been the easiest result to predict on this card

...and MORE!

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