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Din Thomas is a pioneer of UFC's lighter weight classes & one of the most respected coaches at Florida's American Top Team. Din will be in the blue corner for UFC 201, coaching challenger Tyron Woodley in the main event vs. welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. During our conversation we touch on a variety of subjects including his burgeoning comedy career, the recent title win of protege Amanda Nunes, his strange, indirect connection to one of America's most significant recent tragedies & MORE. 

PLUS, Frank & Ken look back on Bellator 158: London and UFC Fight Night: Sioux Falls. They also discuss: the connection between Pokemon Go & Cyborg's injured skull, Brock testing HOT, chubby arms, cottage cheese, getting paid, Rattattas, Gengars & other creatures that are right there in front you, but not really...I guess. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!



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