MMA Dude Bro Podcast
MMA Dude Bro - Episode 31 (with guests Raquel Pennington and Damon Martin)

Mike and Ken preview UFC 168. They also interview UFC Womens Bantamweight Raquel 'Rocky' Pennington and Senior UFC writer for Fox, Damon Martin.

MMA Dude Bro - Episode 30 (with guests Paul Lazenby and Rick Reger)

Mike and Ken recap UFC on Fox 9. They also interview combat sports renaissance man, Paul ‘The Mauler’ Lazenby, as well as former Gladiator Challenge lightweight champion, Rick ‘Boomer’ Reger. PLUS, Mike delivers a 'special' Holiday message.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 29 (with guests Rick Hawn and Steve Juon)

Mike and Ken recap UFC Fight Night 33, Invicta FC 7, WSOF 7 & the TUF 18 Finale. They also interview Bellator MMA welterweight & former U.S. Olympian Rick Hawn, as well as Steve Juon from Angry

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 28 (with guests Steve Carl & Shannon Knapp)

Mike and Ken recap UFC 167, Bellator 108 and TUF 18. They also interview WSOF Welterweight Champion Steve Carl and Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 27 (with guests Kevin Iole & Alyssa Vasquez)

Mike and Ken recap UFC Fight Night 32, Bellator 107 and UFC Fight For the Troops 3. They also interview Yahoo Sports MMA/Boxing columnist Kevin Iole and WMMA fighter/Army Staff Sergeant Alyssa Vasquez.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 26 (with guests Cody Bollinger and Stephie Daniels)

Mike and Ken recap Bellator 106 and interview former TUF 18 contestant Cody Bollinger and Stephie Daniels from Bloody

MMA Dude Bro - Episode 25 (with guest Leslie 'The Peacemaker' Smith)

Mike and Ken recap UFC 166, Bellator 104, TUF 18 episode 7 and interview the number one contender for the Invicta FC Flyweight title, Leslie 'The Peacemaker' Smith.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 24 (with guests Daron Cruickshank and Brian D'Souza)

Mike and Ken recap UFC Fight Night 29, Bellator 103 and TUF 18 episode 6. They also interview UFC Lightweight Daron 'Detroit Superstar' Cruickshank and MMA writer/author Brian D'Souza.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 23 (with guest Javier Mendez)

Mike & Ken recap Bellator 102, TUF 18 episode 5, preview UFC Fight Night 29 and interview Head Coach of American Kickboxing Academy, Javier Mendez.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 22 (with guest Paul Burress - LIVE from Rochester Comic Con)

Mike & Ken continue LIVE from Rochester Comic Con! In the finale of this two episode special, MMA fighter and Pastor, Paul Burress stops by to help recap UFC 165 and discuss his involvement in the upcoming documentary 'Fight Church'.

MMA Dude Bro - Episode 21 (with guest Michael Winslow - LIVE from Rochester Comic Con)

Mike & Ken are LIVE at Rochester Comic Con! In part one of this two episode special, they recap Bellator 100, TUF 18 episode 3, preview UFC 165 and interview surprise special guest Michael Winslow from the Police Academy movies.

MMA Dude Bro - Episode 20 (Mayweather - Canelo Special)

Mike & Ken discuss TUF 18 episode 2, Bellator 99, WSOF 5, preview UFC 165 and give their own unique take on the phenomenon that was Mayweather vs. Canelo.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 19 (with guests Shawn Jordan and Tonya Evinger)

Mike and Ken recap UFC Fight Night 28, Bellator 98 and the TUF 18 season premiere. They also interview UFC Heavyweight Shawn 'The Savage' Jordan and TUF 18 contestant Tonya Evinger.

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Mike and Ken recap UFC 164, UFC Fight Night 27 and the Fight Master season finale. They also interview UFC lightweight John 'The Bull' Makdessi and Invicta FC bantamweight Lauren Murphy.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 17 (with guests Jessica Eye and Saad Awad)

Mike and Ken interview UFC bantamweight Jessica Eye and Bellator lightweight Saad Awad. They also preview UFC Fight Night 27, UFC 164 and recap Fight Master episode 9.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 16 (with guest Shayna Baszler)

Mike and Ken recap WSOF4, Fightmaster Episode 7, preview UFC on Fox Sports 1 and interview top ranked womens bantamweight, Shayna "The Queen of Spades" Baszler.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 15 (UFC 163 Recap Show)

Mike and Ken recap UFC 163, Bellator 97, Fightmaster Episode 6, and breakdown the upcoming Tito vs. Rampage PPV fight.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 14 (with guest Bruce Buffer)

Mike and Ken recap UFC on Fox 8, preview Bellator 97, preview UFC 163, talk about the greatness of Jose Aldo – at length – and interview the veteran voice of the UFC octagon, Bruce Buffer.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 13 (with guests Ashlee Evans-Smith and Stephie Lynne)

Mike and Ken talk about Weidman vs. Silva 2, Henderson vs. Pettis 2, the TJ Grant 'conspiracy' and Fightmaster episode 3. They also interview Women's featherweight prospect Ashlee Evans-Smith and recap the Invicta FC 6 PPV with Stephie Lynne from

MMA Dude Bro - Episode 12 (UFC 162 Recap)

Mike and Ken recap UFC 162, try to make sense of the Anderson Silva situation, discuss Josh Rosenthal's sentencing, review episode 2 of FightMaster, preview TUF 18 and look back on fun times at local promotion Gladius Fights.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 1 (with guest Jonathan Snowden)

Mike & Ken discuss the TUF 17 quarterfinals, UFC on Fuel 9, the Bellator season 8 finale and interview lead MMA writer for Jonathan Snowden.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 2 (with guest Ryan Martinez)

Mike & Ken recap the TUF 17 finale, the Matt Mitrione/Fallon Fox controversy, preview UFC on FOX 7 and interview Bellator Heavyweight Ryan Martinez!

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 11 (with guest Matt Marsden)

Mike and Ken talk about the debut of Fightmaster, Bellator 96, Nick Diaz's WAR MMA, preview UFC 162 and interview Bellator MMA cutman, Matt Marsden.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 10 (with guest Dan Severn)

Mike and Ken talk about UFC 161, WSOF3, preview Bellator 96 and interview UFC Hall of Famer, Dan 'The Beast' Severn.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 9 (with guest Jimmy Smith)

Mike and Ken talk about UFC on Fuel TV 10, Rampage Jackson, preview UFC 161 and interview Bellator MMA color analyst Jimmy Smith.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 8 (with guest Mike Chiappetta)

Mike and Ken talk about the TUF season 18 coaching switch and interview Senior Writer for MMA, Mike Chiappetta.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 7 (with guest Stephie Lynne)

Mike and Ken recap UFC 160 and talk with Stephie Lynne from

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 6 (with guest Mike Sawyer)

Mike and Ken recap UFC on FX 8, discuss the Pat Healy controversy and preview UFC 160 with Mike Sawyer from

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 5 (with guests Damon Martin & Sean Wheelock)

Mike and Ken discuss the week in MMA with Damon Martin from They also interview Bellator play-by-play commentator Sean Wheelock.

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 4 (with guest Mike Schmidt)

Mike and Ken recap UFC 159 and talk about its aftermath with comedian, and host of ‘The 40 Year Old Boy‘ podcast, Mike Schmidt.

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Mike and Ken recap UFC on FOX 7, preview UFC 159, talk referee Josh Rosenthal’s drug bust and interview Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp.

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