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A martial artist from the age of nine, Amsterdam’s Denise Kielholtz has successfully navigated a nearly 2-decade journey through the elite levels of judo, muay thai, kickboxing…and now MMA. Currently the Bellator Kickboxing Flyweight World Champion, Miss Dynamite is coming off the first of what she’s determined will be many impressive victories inside of the cage.

During our conversation, Denise shares with us:
• The reason why her recent MMA victory proved to be the most emotionally gratifying of her entire fighting career
• Why she feels judo provides children the with the best foundation to start out with in martial arts
• How she feels the need to battle against being labeled as just kickboxer with no ground skills attempting to transition to MMA
• Her entrepreneurial plans for once her professional combat days are complete

...and MORE!

Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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