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BJJ brown belt & co-host of Combat Docket Radio, Kurt Chase-Patrick joins Ken on this episode. Together, they recap the recent UFC on Fox 26 card & also discuss the upcoming UFC 219 main event of Holy Holm versus Cris 'Cyborg' Justino.

Specific topics include:

• Why Colby Covington deserves a spot in the welterweight championship sweepstakes
• Mike Perry - 'The Company Man'?
• Future match-ups for Santiago Ponnizibio
• Kurt’s personal experiences training with Glover Teixeira
• Whether Holly Holm becomes the female GOAT with a win over Cyborg 
...and MORE!

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On Friday, December 15, Titan Fighting Championship closes out 2017 with it’s return to the Xtreme Action Park, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for Titan FC 47. The card is headlined by a Featherweight championship match between Luis Gomez & Sodiq Yusuff.

This episode we speak with several competitors from the event’s undercard, including heavyweight Steve Mowry, strawweight Thais Souza Nega & lightweight Demarques ‘Scrap Iron’ Jackson.

Later in the show, we also speak with Titan Fighting Championship COO, Lex McMahon.

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Schwan Humes returns to recap UFC 218, the TUF 26 Finale & Bellator 189.

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Former Invicta FC standout Amber Leibrock is poised to make her debut on MMA's big stage, as she battles UFC vet Alexis Dufresne, at this weekend's Bellator 189.

During our conversation, Amber tells us all about: the experience of being mentored by established WMMA veterans like
Sarah D'alelio & Alexis Davis, how her coach at Combat Sports Academy, Kirian Fitzgibbons, has helped transform her both as a person & a fighter, the importance of using her own personal comeback story as a positive example for others...& MUCH more.

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This episode, Ken welcomes Dave Madden from the website to look back at UFC Fight Night Sydney card. Dave relentlessly covers combat sporting events, big & small, across the Northern region of California. 

Over the course of the show, topics include: 'BoomerangGate', what to actually make of Fabricio Werdum or Colby Covington going forward, the possible fates of Will Brooks & Bec Rawlings (both on 3-fight losing streaks),
the ballyhoo over Bellator's proposed Heavyweight Grand Prix, former champ Michael Bisping's immediate return against Kelvin Gastelum...& MUCH more.

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Dawna Gonzales is a BJJ purple belt under Master Eddie Bravo. She is also the co-founder of 10th Planet Women’s Self Defense & the creative force behind the jiujitsu culture collective known as ‘Mat Therapy’.

During our conversation, Dawna shares with us: how one of the creators of an iconic TV show was instrumental to her entry into the world of martial arts, how jiujitsu provides the most effective & practical skill set for enabling women to defend against predatory attacks, how the efforts of people like Rose Gracie have created a blueprint for the success of female visionaries in the jiujitsu world, her take on whether more academies should adopt striking techniques into their regular  jiujitsu training …and much MORE

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This episode, Ken welcomes the creative force behind the MMA Mad podcast (& companion website) Nick Rizner to recap UFC Fight Night Norfolk. 

Some of the other topics discussed on the show range from Conor McGregor's Bellator freakout to comedian Louis CK's fall from grace to actress Helen Mirren's desire to play Donald Trump on the big screen & much MORE.

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This episode, Ken welcomes the phenomenal Schwan Humes to recap the 3 world title changes from UFC 217. Schwan is an MMA analyst & scouting consultant who has helped develop strategies for fighters like King Mo, Claudia Gadelha & Oluwale Bamgbose.

During our discussion, Schwan thoroughly explains why none of us should have been surprised by the 3 title changing finishes from MSG, including the one that actually surprised Schwan himself. Schwan outlines all the telltale weaknesses & errors that left each former champion ripe for the picking. We also go over what the next logical steps are going forward for each of the big winners & why they make the most sense.

Schwan is very good at what he does & this is some of the best post-fight analysis you'll find anywhere. Hope you enjoy this episode.

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Richard ‘The Black Eagle’ Odoms is a VERY busy man. The inaugural Legacy Fighting Alliance Heavyweight Champion divides his time outside the cage between being a gym owner, martial arts coach, husband, father and tactics instructor at the San Antonio Police Academy.

During our conversation, Richard shares with us: his opinion on the importance of transparency between law enforcement & the general public in the social media age, the circumstances that led to his unique nickname, how the many responsibilities he carries serves as motivation for his fighting career, the full story behind his short-lived run on the UFC’s heavyweight roster…and more.

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BJJ black belt (& instructor at the world-famous American Kickboxing Academy) Clint Cronin grew up an avid fan of professional wrestling, comic books & computers. Little did he know back then how those interests would parlay themselves into an adult life that has taken him around the world, experiencing people & places that most would only see in a movie. During our conversation, Clint shares with us: how he feels combat sports (jiu jitsu in particular) represent the 'last honest jobs’, the reason HE feels AKA has become a scapegoat in the MMA media for alleged dangerous training practices, how achieving the rank of black belt served as merely a starting point rather than a destination in his jiu jitsu journey, how Los Angeles has gradually replaced the Bay Area as California’s MMA hub … and  much, much more.

PLUS, on this double-mega episode, Dave & Ken look back on UFC Fight Night Pittsburgh, UFC 215, GGG vs. Canelo Alvarez – and other miscellaneous happenings of the last few weeks. They also take a moment or two to remember the late great WWE Hall of Famer Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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On June 24, St. Louis-area MMA veteran Zach ’The Altar Boy’ Freeman shocked the combat sports world by defeating highly touted prospect Aaron Pico in Madison Square Garden…on what was Pico’s pro MMA debut at the Bellator NYC PPV. During our conversation, Zach shares with us: how training at different gyms while on out-of-town business trips has been valuable to his bjj game, the exact strategic components that led to his victory over Aaron Pico, the satisfaction of gaining attention from media who wanted nothing to do with him before that fight, how his wife recently caught the competitive grappling bug...and much more.

PLUS, Dave & Ken look back on the Mayweather-McGregor fight & the Jon Jones steroid bust. They also: speculate on the upcoming interim title bout between Tony Ferguson & Kevin Lee, contemplate the on-coming collision of milquetoast rasslin’ titans John Cena & Roman Reigns and MORE. Hashtag, MMADudeBro!

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Dave & Ken look back at UFC 214. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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BJJ Purple belt Ryan Ford is the host of arguably the most popular & influential online show related to the grappling arts, The Grappling Central podcast. Over the course of 2 years, his show has featured interviews with names such as  Dan Gable, Dean Lister, Ricardo Almeida, Eddie Bravo, Randy Couture & many more…

During our conversation, Ryan shares with us: the unique set of circumstances which lead to his rare interview with the elusive Master Rickson Gracie, how the daunting red tape involved with his Brazilian-born wife’s immigration actually led him to start his podcast, the importance of using his show as a platform to highlight the stories of ordinary people achieving incredible things through jujitsu, the emasculating episode that ultimately began his obsession with the sport & MORE…

PLUS, Dave & Ken revisit UFC Fight Night Long Island, as well as marvel at the embarrassment of riches that is the upcoming UFC 214 main card. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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Serena ‘The Southpaw Outlaw’ DeJesus is the current women’s bantamweight amateur champion of the Las Vegas promotion Tuf-N-Uff. She trains out of Syndicate MMA along side such names as Jamie Moyle, Jessica-Rose Clark & Roxanne Modaferri. During our conversation, Serena shares with us: how her mom gave her some nervous moments the day they both met Cyborg Justino, how she went from being an online fan to real-life BFF with teammate Roxanne Modaferri, her desire to be a role model for others living with the challenges that come with being autistic ….and more.

PLUS: Dave & Ken look back on Bellator 181, UFC Fight Night Glasgow, the MayMac Tour, SnoopCast & MORE. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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MMA veteran & current Bellator middleweight, John Salter faces Kendall 'Da Spyda' Grove this weekend in Thackerville, OK as part of Bellator 181.
During our conversation, John shares with us: the myriad of injuries he overcame after his Bellator debut, what former Bellator champion he was scheduled to face twice only to have both fall through, his newfound success in the world of real estate, the irony of fighting an individual he's been a fan of since TUF season 3...and more.

PLUS: Ken welcomes Mike Sawyer back to the show. Mike was a former doorman at many of Vegas's infamous 'social lounges' & the former owner of Las Vegas Nutrition. He & UFC German commentator Oliver Copp previously hosted the popular Tough Talk MMA podcast. Mike helps us recap the TUF 25 finale & UFC 213 while revisiting personal memories/ stories of himself with Chuck Liddell, Phil Baroni, Roy Nelson & more. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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This weekend in Las Vegas, TUF Nations winner & Pert Plus® spokesman, Elias Theodorou  takes on fellow TUF alum Brad Tavares as part of the Ultimate Fighter season 25 finale. During our conversation, Elias shares with us: how he’s been able to parlay his camera-ready looks into a wide array of entrepreneurial opportunities outside the cage, how he physically measures up against his upcoming opponent, how he’s managed to convince his parents that he (in fact) has a ‘real job’, how he handles the admiration he receives from female fans & fighters alike….and more.

PLUS: Dave & Ken talk UFC OKC, New Japan Pro Wrestling, TUF 25, the rebirth of Felice Herrig and generally travel down the rabbit hole of combat sports related potpourri. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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Ken & new co-host Dave Lee recap Bellator 180/Bellator NYC. In doing so, they meander into a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): Cody Rhodes' winning the Ring of Honor world title, why TUF 25 may be one of the best seasons in recent memory, whether the new Netflix series 'Glow' is any good, surviving the Rochester stop of the Dancing with the Stars road tour, the greatness of Mauro Ranallo & MORE. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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The UFC's John Gooden, along with former world title challenger Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy, is a part of one of the most talented & ridiculously underrated broadcast teams in MMA...serving as both hosts to many of the company's international fight cards, as well as programs like ‘Inside The Octagon’. During our conversation, John shares with us: why he's put aside concerns about everyone liking him, why the sport of MMA has yet to be fully embraced by the mainstream UK, how his conversion to veganism shook up his personal life, how his years of training in various combat sports has influenced his broadcasting work & more...

PLUS: Ken & new co-host Dave Lee recap UFC 211. They talk Stipe, Joanna-Violence, ‘Knee-Gate’, Maia...ALL of it! Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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Coming off an impressive victory in one of the most spectacular fights in WMMA this year, St. Louis police officer Ashley ‘Smashley’ Cummins has put the atomweight division of Invicta FC officially on notice. During our conversation, Ashley discusses: the competitive hardships she faced en route to finding a new home at 105 pounds, the difference between what the media chooses to cover about police work & what actually happens day to day, how the community of Ferguson has gradually changed for the better since the days of the highly publicized riots, the injury that almost ended her fighting career, her memories of a fallen co-worker…& more.

PLUS: Ken & Mike Simpson, M.D. (from the History Channel series 'Hunting Hitler' & the Sheepdog Response podcast ) talk about UFC Nashville, North Korea, fighters at risk for CTE injuries, Trump, Mike's friendship with Tim Kennedy...& more

ALSO (If that's not enough): Eric Hultgren (from the Way of the Warrior  & Incredible Hultpodcasts) stops by to help Ken break down UFC on Fox from Kansas City.

​Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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Lead MMA writer for Bleacher & co-host of the Co-Main Event podcast, Chad Dundas released his debut novel, the historical fiction piece, ‘Champion of the World’ to rave critical reviews in 2016. During our conversation, Chad discusses: how his hometown of Missoula serves as the arts & cultural haven of Western Montana, how growing up as a pro wrestling fan influenced his eventual interest in MMA, how some of the real-life athletes from MMA informed the development of his book’s main characters, the continuing efforts to establish an official MMA Writers Association & more…

PLUS, Ken welcomes Mike Sawyer from Tough Talk MMA & Wrestling Mike shares with us his own unique (front-row media credentialed) perspective on UFC 210 from Buffalo. They also discuss the controversy surrounding Mauro Ranallo's current status with WWE & the upcoming Bellator debut of Mike's old friend Wanderlei Silva. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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Rochester, NY native & former Titan FC featherweight champion, Desmond ‘The Predator’ Green makes his long-awaited octagon debut at this weekend’s UFC 210 in Buffalo. During our conversation, Desmond discusses: splitting his training time between Henri Hooft’s Combat Club & the Blackzillians, how he picks his walkout music, his choice for favorite post-fight guilty pleasure food, the importance of tape review & more.

PLUS,  Frank and Ken recap Bellator 175 and do an old-fashioned news potpourri. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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A wrestler from the age of 7, UFC welterweight Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington went on to become a NCAA Division I All-American & a two-time Pac-10 conference champion. During our conversation, Colby discusses with us: why he feels he should be the one to welcome former 155 lb. champ Rafael Dos Anjos to welterweight, what fighters on the UFC roster he feels have been ducking him, why he felt the need to set Joe Rogan straight after his win at UFC 202, his friendship with teammate Jorge Masvidal, his experience with both PRP & Ozone injection therapies for his injured knee, giving names like Robbie Lawler & Tyron Woodley all they can handle in sparring & more.

PLUS,  Frank and Ken recap Invicta FC 22, as well as look back on UFC Fight Night London and the main events from WSOF 35. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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This episode, Frank and Ken break down the main card of UFC Fight Night Fortaleza (Gastelum vs. Vitor). The winners, the losers, the inappropriate twerkers, ALL of it.

ALSO: One of the big winners from that card, flyweight Ray Borg, opens up to us about: his view on how he matches up with the rest of the division, his unique grappling style, the importance of being a positive role model, his love of archery and his weakness...for sweetness — as we look back on our conversation with him from August 2016.

Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro! 

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This episode, Frank and Ken try to make sense of the disappointing Woodley - Thompson main event from UFC 209, and the demise of the more anticipated co-main between El Cucuy and Khabib. They also recap the rest of PPV, as well as the main card of Bellator 174. 

ALSO: One of the big winners from Bellator 174, heavyweight Justin Wren opens up to us about: being bullied as a child, his drug addiction as an upstart pro fighter, reconciling his connection to faith and his personal redemption in opening his heart to the people of the Mbuti Pygmy tribe, as we look back on our phenomenal conversation with him from November 2015.

Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro! 

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Bellator MMA lightweight, Adam 'The Bomb' Piccolotti was originally scheduled to face Brent Primus on the main card of Bellator 172, until a late occurring injury forced him out of the event. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with Adam before this injury and during our conversation we touched on a variety of subjects including: the reality involving reports of dangerous training practices at American Kickboxing Academy, the musicality of martial arts, the one man he would absolutely never fight, the grueling education of grappling with teammate Khabib Nurmagomedov and his staunch advocacy for rights of rescue dogs.

PLUS: Frank and Ken look back on UFC Fight Night Halifax, as well as Bellator 172. They'll also try to find out what Dracula, Tom Arnold and Fred Flintstone could possibly have in common. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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YouTube entrepreneur & professional striking coach, Shane Fazen is recognizable to many MMA fans as the guy who nervously tries to get between Bellator fighters Josh Thompson & Bobby Lashley as they prepare to battle over the same plate of nachos in the ubiquitous commercial for Dave & Busters. Turns out, there’s many layers to this modern-day self-made success story. During our conservation, Shane opens up about: his background growing up on the mean streets of Philadelphia, the surreal experience surrounding his first professional muay thai fight in Thailand, the practical application for a product called ‘Gorilla Snot’, the art of pea cocking  and much, much more.

PLUS: Frank & Ken look back at Bellator 170. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!


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Since his installation as Bellator MMA's play-by-play commentator, accomplished mainstream sportscaster Sean Grande has endured a full immersion into the enthralling and often quirky universe of professional mixed martial arts. During our conversation, Sean spoke candidly with us on a number of topics including: the backlash he received from MMA fans regarding his replacing of Sean Wheelock, the irrefutable connection between MMA & pro wrestling, the UFC broadcast habit that he feels 'can't sound any dumber' & MUCH MORE…

PLUS: Frank & Ken look back at UFC Fight Night Phoenix & Invicta FC 21. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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