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Mike and Ken interview Invicta FC bantamweight Tonya Evinger. They also speak with JayT Warsh of Punishment Athletics. PLUS, a recap of UFC Fight Night Japan and Mike discovers who Felice Herrig is. Hashtag, MMADudeBro!

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 60 (Invicta FC 8 Special with guest Kristin Usry)

Ken and special guest Kristin Usry, from Women's MMA Roundup, talk in depth about Invicta FC 8. Hashtag, MMADudeBro!

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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 59 (with guests Chris Lytle & Rob Hinds)

Mike and Ken interview UFC vet Chris 'Lights Out' Lytle as well as MMA referee Rob Hinds. They also recap Bellator 123 & UFC Fight Night 50. Hashtag, MMADudeBro!

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Mike and Ken interview comedian Adam Hunter from MMA Roasted. They also recap UFC 177. PLUS, the guys recount their recent brush with MMA celebrity offspring. Hashtag, MMADudeBro!

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