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The UFC's John Gooden, along with former world title challenger Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy, is a part of one of the most talented & ridiculously underrated broadcast teams in MMA...serving as both hosts to many of the company's international fight cards, as well as programs like ‘Inside The Octagon’. During our conversation, John shares with us: why he's put aside concerns about everyone liking him, why the sport of MMA has yet to be fully embraced by the mainstream UK, how his conversion to veganism shook up his personal life, how his years of training in various combat sports has influenced his broadcasting work & more...

PLUS: Ken & new co-host Dave Lee recap UFC 211. They talk Stipe, Joanna-Violence, ‘Knee-Gate’, Maia...ALL of it! Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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