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MMA Dude Bro - Episode 113 with guest Nick Newell

Nick Newell overcame the perceived limitation of being born with a congenitally amputated left arm to become a successful MMA fighter & former XFC lightweight champion. Now, the producer of such martial arts classics as ‘Bloodsport’ & ‘Kickboxer’ is at the helm of creating a new upcoming motion picture entitled ’Notorious Nick’ - the true story of a rise of a champion. We caught up with Nick to briefly discuss his fighting career, his inspirational legacy & the daunting prospect of possibly having to play himself in his own movie.

PLUS, Frank & Ken go over the highpoints of UFC on FOX 20, as well as Bellator 159. Also randomly discussed: Alpaca meat, Mountain Dew Slushies, the merits of the name Rojelio, Buffalo Wild Wings & other things that may or may not be tough to care about…we'll let you be the judge. Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro!

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